Automation is changing the world around us one step at a time turning fiction into reality in homes, offices, consumer, product and services industries with robotics, RPA and AI technologies and we are at the forefront of innovation.


We are a startup focusing to provide design, construction and AI of machines to perform tasks traditionally done by humans, everything from home automation to robotics for consumers, products and services industry.


To relentlessly pursue the innovation and bring affordable solutions to mainstream customers inspired by the power of robotics to benefit humanity and make lives easier and safer.


Provide unique, innovative and creative problem-solving skills to apply technology and engineering to help accelerate the automation and robotics transition in our daily lives.

To bring the benefits of robotics and automation to small business by breaking the barrier to explore new arenas in all aspects of the work, this is otherwise not affordable. The intent behind our business model is to make this technology accessible without the high upfront cost.


Robotics arena is evolving faster and impacting our lives on a daily basis so it must be taken seriously to remain competitive, we provide robotic technology in a variety of customized products.

Home Automation

Automate and control your home door entry, alarm, CCTV, audio, heating, lighting, sensors, blinds, hoover and lawnmower.

Robotics as a Service

Reduce upfront cost to bring capabilities of robotics to individuals and small businesses with our RaaS.


Providing automated tasks executed for small scale application businesses using Cartesian, Six-Axis and SCARA robots.


Technology is at the heart of everything we do, putting our broader, deeper expertise and knowledge to help you create innovative new products.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate end-to-end business processes with unsupervised decision making using AI, Cognitive and ML technologies.


For start-ups, developing partnerships increase the odds that collaborations will create by operating more efficiently when everyone focuses on the things they do best and together achieve a common goal much faster by bridging the gap between vendors and partners, so it is critical to the success of any organization or individual.
If you are a start-up manufacturer of mechanical parts, components and electronics enclosure systems looking to form a partnership with us, we have injected over 30 years’ experience in software engineering into our VXE Automation start-up to leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Motion Control and Fuzzy Logic to bring intelligence into robotics and automation. Get in touch.